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ALMISBAH CAR RENTAL AND AGRO-SUPPORT EQUIPMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED is recognized as a Start-up India Company built with a difference. Our one-stop transport and agro-equipment solutions are set in place to offer service excellence and ensure that our customers get the best deals at affordable prices.

Car rental services have seen a boom in the market in recent years and have become an essential sector in the automotive industry. Owning a car comes with many perks such as driving to your destination in your own time, extra convenience, and safe hassle-free experience. And we aim to give you a similar experience.

“We want every customer to enjoy a comfortable and carefree experience by renting our cars, and feel at ease with our safe and secure service.”

Another great feature that sets us apart is our total commitment to Safety and Quality Control. All our vehicles, whether it be car rental or agro equipment, are thoroughly and carefully checked for safety standards. We take the health and safety of our customers very seriously and make sure the vehicles we provide are fully certified with the strictest quality control measures.

“We strive to inspire new-age engineers to innovate technology aimed at making everyday life easier with the help of latest machinery.”

The Al Misbah enterprise, from our ground support right up to top management aims to provide premier one-stop transport and agro-equipment solutions, which is packed with love and care. Our clients are not just using our service, we are also offering our valued customers with an experience, where they can rest assured with our guaranteed support.


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Our Mantra

To be a place where safety meets exceptional service. We want every customer to experience superior service when renting our vehicle or agricultural machinery.

Our Vision

To be the market leader and a premier agency as a one-stop vehicle and machinery rental solution in Mangalore and neighbouring cities.

Our Mission

  • To provide the best quality vehicles that are fully certified for safety and well-serviced.
  • To provide a hassle-free experience to customers from finding the right vehicle to rent, completing paperwork, and ease of payment.
  • To provide a platform that boosts tourism and tourist vehicle rentals and support the local tourism industry.
  • To provide a professional space for new technology development by encouraging young minds in engineering and machinery to carry out research and development.

Our Core Objectives

  • Maintaining a fleet of vehicles that are regularly maintained, services, and checked for safety.
  • Offering affordable car rental alternatives, agro-machinery, and equipment services to our customers with easy setup to rent the vehicle/machine of their choice.
  • Making sure our customer’s comforts and safety concerns are addressed in a prompt, caring, and professional manner.
  • Ensuring all our customers have an overall pleasant experience in utilizing our services.

Leadership Team

Mohammed Hussainar

Chairman and Managing Director

Mohammed Shaheed


The Misbah Team

Mohammed Hussainar

Mohammed Shaheed

Mohammed Hassan Sinan

Mohammed Asif

Mohammed Ashif

Mohammed Basith

Mohammed Naveed


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Authorized Agents

The following are the authorized agents of Almisbah Cars who may act on our behalf to render the services offered by us. Please do not accept any solicitation from any individual or agency that is not otherwise specified.

Mohammed Ashif